Prosjekt Haiti’s prime goal is to improve the conditions and prospects for children and their families in Haiti ♥

Prosjekt Haiti is a Norwegian/Haitian organization that has worked in Haiti since 2000. Our first project was the elementary school Petit Troll in Port au Prince. The organization has expended over the years, and is now running a number of projects both in Port au Prince and in the village of St. Louis du Sud in the south of Haiti.

Prosjekt Haiti’s goal is to contribute to a better future for the people associated with our projects, and for Haiti as a nation. We believe that the best way of doing this is to provide people with knowledge and skills that enable them to improve their own situation. Prosjekt Haiti therefore focuses on education, capacity building and value creation.

Approximately 300 children receive their primary education through Prosjekt Haiti’s two schools. In addition, the students can participate in activities like youth club, sports club, summer school and seminars. Manman Troll focuses on competence building and vocational training for women. In addition, we regularly have various ad hoc projects and campaigns in cooperation with interesting partners.

Prosjekt Haiti is funded through donations from private donors, both through a sponsor program and through one-time gifts. In addition, we receive funding from Norad for some projects. Most of our activity in Norway is based on volunteer work, which contributes to keeping the administration costs low. In Haiti, we have approximately 50 employees in various positions. It is important for Prosjekt Haiti that the different projects are run by local resources who feel ownership to Prosjekt Haiti.

In addition to fundraising, an important part of our work in Norway is to inform about the situation in Haiti and our work there. In addition to presenting information about the need for aid in Haiti, we also want to focus on the many positive aspects of the country, such as its rich culture related to art, poetry and music.

Prosjekt Haiti is lead by general manager Ingvill Konradsen and a board of directors consisting of 7 persons. The organization is registered in the Norwegian Brønnøysund Register under organization number 983 934 269, as well as in the Fundraising Registry kept by the Norwegian Control Committee for Fundraising in Norway.

About Haiti


Haiti is a state in the Caribbean and is situated on the same island as the Dominican Republic, Hispaniola. The Creole word for Haiti is “Ayiti” and means “the country with high mountains”. Haiti was the first free, black republic in the world following a successful slave revolt in 1804, ridding the country of the French colonists.

Land area: 27 065 km².
Capital: Port-au-Prince.
Population: 10 million, approx. 2.3 million lives in the capital.
Language: Creole and French.
Religion: 80% catholic, 16% protestant, 3% “other”, approximately half of the population also practise voudou.
Life expectancy: 62 years.
Percentage of population below official poverty level: 80%  (2003)
Literacy level: 52.9%
HDI: Haiti is number 163 of 169 countries on the UN Human Development Index (2017).

On 12 January 2010, Haiti experienced an earthquake with a magnitude of  7.2 on Richer’s scale. Approx. 200,000 people were killed.

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