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about the project

Boulanjè Manman Troll started production during the autumn of 2012. The bakery now provides 10 steady jobs. In addition, approximately 60 female sellers purchase bread from the bakery to resell on the streets. The women in Manman Troll who wish to sell bread can get a micro credit loan from Project Haiti to start up their small business. The bakery currently only produces traditional, white Haitian bread, but aims to make this as wholesome as possible.


In the autumn of 2013, an exciting cooperation between the Norwegian bakery chain Åpent Bakeri, the Peace Corps and Project Haiti will start. Manman Troll Boulanje and Åpent Bakeri will exchange six employees for 12 months. Future projects include the production of a wholegrain, European bread type which may be offered to other customer segments. We are very grateful to the Peace Corps for making this exchange program possible through their financial support!




Nahomi is 36 years old and the mother of Sylvain (12) and Jaina (16). In addition to her own children, she takes care of an orphan boy who is a student at Petit Troll. Nahomi has been connected to Project Haiti for 6 years. She has participated in the hairdressing- and sewing courses. The bakery is now her most important task. She has been in Norway to learn to bake at Åpent Bakeri for two months. The bakery is built on her land and has an apartment for her and her family upstairs. Her old house used to stand on the same land, but was destroyed by the earthquake. Nahomi is the manager of the bakery.



Olav Kildal is one of the six architect- and industrial design students form NTNU who have been involved in drawing and building the Manman Troll bakery.  Olav and the other students have spent several months in Port au prince since 2010 where they have worked closely with the Manman Troll management group related to planning of the building. The students have been counselled by Tyin Tegnestue.

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