youth club   In order to follow up the students after they have finished elementary school, Project Haiti offers various activities aimed at keeping the youth  connected to Project Haiti. [...]


Summer camp

about the project The summer camp is arranged every summer by volunteers from Scandinavia and Haiti. The activities include i.a. play, sport, art, drama, seminars etc.  The summer camp is a [...]



about the project ‘Screen – Connecting youth through film’ is a film project for youth. Selected participants can go on a three months stay where they, together with local youth [...]


Youth club

about the project Etap Jenès is a youth club for the oldest students of Petit Troll and the students that have graduated the school. The club offers a range of different activities, such as [...]



about the project   The idea behind the sports club was to give the children a positive break from an everyday life that is chaotic and unsafe for many. The sports club holds regular football- [...]

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