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sammuel2Dear Prosjekt Haiti,
3 years ago, in Haiti, burning with the desire of learning I followed a friend of mine who brought me to Prosjekt Haiti, where I for the first time met Edwin and Ingvill Ceide, an experience which completely changed my life. For the first time all my desires to realize my dreams were not called foolish, stupid or worse.  Ingvill had converted all those words into one and called me ‘special’. Edwin had taught me; ‘’a dream is a dream when you don’t believe. If you believe it is no longer a dream but a goal to reach’’.  Those are the values I follow and because of this I am studying on the other side of the world. This is the second big opportunity I have in my life. The first amazing opportunity is their trust in me that means everything to me.
I had traveled to TVIBIT in Norway for three months first as a participant of the youth exchange programme ‘Screen-Connecting youth through film’.  At the end of those 3 months I was about to travel back to Haiti when I received a call from Ingvill telling me that I will stay in Norway longer to study with the IB class at Senja VGS.  That was the most amazing day of my life! Prosjekt Haiti is able to open the doors for everyone who have the will to learn because their vision is to change peoples lives through education.

sammuel6 Yet studying at IB with a Haitian background was quite challenging because it is a very different educational system from what I am used to. But I did my best to be at the same level as the other students for the first months, and now I can study at the same speed, and I have a great understanding of the subjects.
With the help of my IB coordinator Vivian Jakobsen I applied for a scholarship to participate in the IB student world conference in Bath, United Kingdom in August 2014. The conference theme this year was how to build cities of the future. I was so lucky to be sponsored by Mr. Ross Duran from the IB organization and Prosjekt Haiti, and I spent five amazing days in Bath learning and get to know people from all over the world! I would also like to thank Birgitte Karlsen who received me in her house in London after the conference, and she was kind enough to show me around this amazing capital!
At the student world conference we worked in teams creating our own cities.  We could use our wide imagination to solve problems that are faced in many different countries. Within the teams, the members were divided between issues such as Transportation, Human Living and Sustainability.  In my group we decided to build our city on Greenland. We had many challenges, and of course many great ideas on how we could create a city both with today’s technology and the technology that might exist in near future. It was very exciting since we all had different backgrounds and experiences, which reflected our ideas. One example was how to facilitate the transportation in our city: we wanted to use sky train, which is a technology that is actually developed for efficient transportation in some parts of the world, and that is more environment friendly than many other alternatives.
Also regarding the transportation we suggested a newbus system that would help and facilitate the circulation in the highways. I made a 3D model of the city and have extracted some pictures for our city presentation.
With the knowledge I have gained from this experience, I now have new opinions on societies and cities, and I have great ideas how things can be improved to get better cities. I want to share this knowledge  with others. To create a better future, one must understand the values of knowledge. Knowledge is the key to all great societies, and with this amazing opportunity that I have been granted from Prosjekt Haiti and Senja VGS I am now able to think about society and cities in a totally different perspective, and to help others to understand what I have learned.
I would like to thank Prosjekt Haiti, Finnfjorbotn Senja VGS, Mr Ross Duran and the IBO International Baccalaureate Organization for opening doors and for giving me these amazing life changing opportunities.
Sammuel Ambroise
Student at IB
Class of 2015
Senja Vgs, Finnnsnes, Norway
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