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Beauty Salon –
Studio Manman Troll

Studio Manman Troll was started by a group of women who have completed the Manman Troll hairdressing course in collaboration with Ase Midtveit.  The salon is located at the same premises as Manman Troll Atelier and has been equipped through donations from Norwegian hairdressers. The salon will also offer vocational training for new hairdressing students.

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Taylor Shop –
Atelie Manman Troll

Atelier Manman Troll is a taylor shop run by women who have completed the Manman Troll sewing course. The atelier takes orders from both local and international customers for products like shopping bags, tablecloths, clothes etc.

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Bakery –
Boulanjé Manman Troll

Boulanje Manman Troll is a bakery built in collaboration between Project Haiti, four architect students at NTNU and two industrial design students at NTNU with counselling from Tyin Tegnestue. Åpent Bakeri in Oslo has been responsible for training and instruction of the women who are going to work at the bakery.

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