LEAF + Prosjekt Haiti + Boukman = music and dance to the children!

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leaf_1Prosjekt Haiti has started a new and exciting music and culture programme together with LEAF and Boukman Eksperyans.

LEAF is a non-profit US based organization, working to connect cultures and creating community through music and art.
Boukman Eksperyans is a famous roots music group in Haiti and also good friends of Prosjekt Haiti!

In February we received a delegation from LEAF in Haiti in order to launch the programme which will focus on teaching children and youth about their own culture using dance and drums. LEAF is sponsoring the programme and providing the necessary funding for teaching artists and instruments needed. Boukman Eksperyans will provide the teaching artists, and Prosjekt Haiti has many exited children and youth eager to learn drumming and dancing. The programme started running mid-March.

We were able to do a couple of workshops in February together with  LEAF and Boukman. Our youth club Etap Jenes thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to learn about Haitian dance and drum culture!


This is the beginning of a beautiful new friendship!



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