Manman Troll seminar

Every Friday the members of Manman Troll gather for a seminar, and to socialise. The seminars cover topics important to the women, such as health, political involvement, entrepreneurship, democracy, history, geography, human rights, problems related to violence and child upbringing.

The leader team of Manman Troll coordinate the seminars with speakers from various national and international organisations. In addition, they arrange a workshop 1-2 times every year, with speakers from Norway on subjects such as inter alia HIV/Aids and maternal health. Apart from giving the women a professional gain, the Friday seminars constitute an including social arena where food and drinks are served.

Manman Troll also arranges trips to museums, political debates, restaurants, botanical gardens, to the beach, etc. Norad has contributed to the financing of Manman Troll since 2008.

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