NYC Marathon cancelled, but that won’t stop Edwin

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GroupEdwin Ceide from Project Haiti was supposed to run the NYC marathon on 4 November to create publicity for Project Haiti and to rais funds to provide food for the students at Petit Troll. The canteen is in danger of being closed down, an this was an attempt to secure food for the 300 students at the elementry school. because of the storm “Sandy”, the maraton was cancelled, for the first time in the history of the NYC marathons. It was the right decision. Sandy caused a lot of damage to property in the whole New York area and many families lost everything they owned. Naturally, we were a little disappointed when we heard that the marathon was cancelled, immediately after we had landed in New York on Friday 2 November, but we completely agreed that it would have been wrong to arrange a mrathiong in the prevailing situation.

We went for a walk through Central Park to see where the finish line would have been. Edwin has been training hard in Haiti tobe ready for the marathon, and in somewhat rough conditions – i.a. has some of the training taken place in a camp for displaced persons in the neighbourhood, which previously used to be a running track.

He has been getting up while it was still dark in order to avoid running in the burning hot sun. One week before the marathon, he got ill and was diagnosed with kidney stone, still ha had no plans to cancel himself. ’’I run for the children at Petit Troll and nothing shall stop me’’, Edwin stated, but that was befor Sandy the storm.

Altogether we have received donations in the amount of 60 891,- We are very happy about that! Donations have been given by private individuals, the “Steiner school”  in Trondheim, Hamnvåg kinder garden in Malangen and not tomention through bake sales arranged by medical students at the University of Tromsø. We would like to thank you all for your help! The donations will be used to secure the canteen for the students at Petit Troll for the next four months.

As the maraton got cancelled we will try to sign Edwin up for next year. That means that we will continue the campain for one more year! Thank you to all who have supported us so far!

This is an article about Edwin written by Tate Watkins, published in The Classical.





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