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about the project

Being able to read and write is in many circumstances an essential prerequisite for being able to improve the situation for oneself and one’s family. It increases the opportunities for getting a paid job, and it enables the mothers to help their children with their home work and to protect their families’ interests when dealing with the authorities or other third parties. 


All the women in Manman Troll must complete the reading/writing training course unless they are already literate The education is highly valued and most of the women obtain a relatively high standard of literacy. Manman Troll offers two separate paths of education; one academic path, aimed at women aspiring to master a profession, and one path for the women holding ambitions to start small companies on their own. Norad has contributed to the financing of Manman Troll since 2008.



Nanna is 36 years old and the mother of four. She has been a single mother since ther husband died. Her eldest child, multi-handicapped Magdala died only 16 years old. Nanna has been connected to Project Haiti for five years. She works in the kitchen and is coentral in the organization of food to everyone who comes to Petit Troll. She works during the day and comes to Manman Troll in the afternoon to leasn to read and write. 



44 year old Marie Terese has six children. Her youngest daughter, Jenny, is a student at Petit Troll. Marie Terese works as a local midwife in the area where she lives. She is married and lives with her husband and children. All her children goes to school, but most of them are too old to go to Petit Troll. Marie Terese has been a member of Manman Troll for four years and has learnt how to read and write. In 2012 she wishes to start the sewing course. 



Jean Esly is 32 years old and has four children in the age between four and 14. One of her children lives with her, one lives with its grandmother, one with its father and one is in an orphanage. Jean Esly is in first year of literacy training. She wishes to complete the sewing course after having learnt how to read. Jean Esly did not go to school as a child and has been forced to work from a very young age in order to help support her family. 

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