Petit Troll St. Louis du Sud

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about the project


Petit Troll St. Louis du Sud was established in 2011. The school has 185 students in 1st – 6th grade, and 10 local staff members. The school buildings of Petit Troll St. Louis du Sud were donated to Project Haiti by the Norwegian organisation Build Aid.


St. Louis du Sud is a village in the southern region of Haiti. After the earthquake in January 2010, it became clear that it is not only important to rebuild the heavily rampaged capital of Port au Prince. Equally important is to develop less affected regions such as St. Louis du Sud, as this relieves migration to the already over-populated capital.


The school system is poorly developed in Departement du Sud, and Petit Troll St. Louis du Sud has been warmly received by the local community. The plan is that the school will form the centre for Project Haiti’s efforts to aid the development of the whole community. The southern region is also a prioritised region for developmental aid administered by the Norwegian state and its Ministry of Foreign Affairs.




Papadap is in second grade. Because his father is a construction worker,  Papadap has been coming to the construction site in St. Louis every day up until the opening of the school, and now that the school has started he is here every day as a student. He is very happy to be able to go to school and he is a socialble boy who spreads joy around him.



Kervens is 11 years old and a very happy boy. He and his twin brother Kervenson both go to school, together with a younger brother. The family consists of a mother with five children. We are pleased to be able to give Kervens and his brothers a better education. 

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