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ErnciaSince 2007 Project Haiti has arranged summer camps as a fun and alternative activity for the students during the school vacation. However, due to the earthquake in 2010, there have been no summer camps for during the past two years.

This year’s summer camp was held at the new school in St Luis du Sud by a group of people including both new and “old” Project Haiti volunteers and youth from the youth club Etap Jenes in Port au Prince. Almost 100 of the students participated and had a great time together with the volunteers. The students were divided into 10 groups and the activities ranged from arts/crafts, sports/games, workshops and learning games to playing at the beach.

This is some of the thoughts and impressions of three of the volunteers who participated in this year’s summer camp:

Erncia Paulemond (15) from Port au Prince:
I am Erncia. Etap Jenes is a youth club in Port au Prince. For the summer camp 2012 some members of Etap Jenes were chosen to help out with the different activities in St Louis du Sud. For me in particular I was so happy because this was my first time in a summer camp like this.
My job was to assist Therese in the football groups. Every day we had a different group to work with. Sometimes some of the children were not so motivated, but I understand why because me too I didn’t understand the importance of sports and team work until I was 12 years old. Now I understand much more!
I am happy to report that the summer camp went really well. It was nice to work for Prosjekt Haiti. I hope I can join next year as well.

Therese Andreassen (21) from Tromsø:
I have just spent my summer in Haiti, at the summer camp of project Haiti. It was my first time in Haiti and doing this kind of volunteer work. And I loved it!
When I´m thinking back, it is so many memories that comes to mind. I’m thinking of the joy and the energy all the kids at the summer camp showed us. Early in the morning playing football, running and jumping around, and this probably without eating something before arriving. When they tried something new, as puzzles, they didn’t know what to do with the pieces, but as they started to understand and actually made it, they were so proud, and wanted me to say “very good” (in creole, I didn’t speak it at all, but I had learn some words) as many times as possible.
It was not only the kids that made the summer camp, got to know and work with Etap Jeunesse, look at them dancing and move their body a way I can only dream of And the other volunteers and I just loved the beautiful nature and landscape.
I remember the last day when we were saying goodbyes to the kids, Jimmy, one of the youth in Etap Jeunesse, said to me as we were surrounded by the kids hugging and kissing us: “I remember when I was one of them 12 years ago, all you wanted was a kiss or just a touch from one of the white ones”.
To go to Haiti and have fun playing around with kids, helping them to get a better day, only if it was just a hello when we walked past, they smiled and looked so happy that we actually saw them. Everything was so worth every penny I spent, and I already know that I will come back as soon as possible!
Mediane Paulemond (16) from Port au Prince:
My name is Mediane, I am one of the members in Etap Jenes. I am also a former pupil at Petit Troll and daughter in the Prosjekt Haiti family!
This is why I was chosen to work in the summer camp this year. I didn’t think it was too difficult to work in the summer camp, because I already have some experience from taking care of children when we had the camp after the earthquake in 2010. At that time I was responsible for the children’s activities in the camp.
This summer I worked together with Linn, one of the coolest volunteers! We helped the children to paint and draw their dreams about the future. Amongst the children I would say that about 50 % did learn a lot, and for about 50% it was harder to understand the assignment.
In the afternoons we went to the beach with all the volunteers. It was really marvelous for us! Thank you so much for giving me the chance to help out! This was my first time visiting the country side in Haiti, as I live in the capital. Thank you to all my Prosjekt Haiti family!
Below is a selection of photos from the summer camp:















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