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about the project

Manma Troll Atelier was established in April 2011 with financial and practical assistance from Project Haiti. The aim going forward is that the income from the atelier shall cover rent and other costs, and repay Project Haiti’s investments in relation to the start-up. The studio needs orders to be able to employ all the women. Atelier Manman Troll produces great shopping bags that can be bought or ordered in our web shop. The atelier has inter alia delivered conference bags to the Norwegian Midwife Association. Should you wish to have your favourite garment remade or replicated, contact Atelier Manman Troll at post@prosjekthaiti.no.





Madam Lebien is the manager of the Manman Troll Atelier and a teacher at the Manman Troll sewing course. She is 51 years old and lives with her husband and two children. She has over 30 years of experience within sewing and design and is educated at a well renowned sewing school in Haiti.   Madam Lebien has been employed by Manman Troll since the start in 2007.


Madame Willy is 44 years old. She is a widow and has four children in the age 14 to 22 years. Two of  her sons are former student of Petit Troll. Mme Willy works as Mme Lebiens assistant in the studio. She has received her education in sewing from Manman Troll and graduated in 2011.



Jeudy is 27 years old and lives with a family consisting of a mother, one sister and two brothers. She is new at the sewing course. She heard through a friend that Manman troll offers free basic education in sewing and design. She is happy to be part of the Atelier and her dream is to make enough money to buy her own sewing machine.

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